sardinia tourism
bosaBosa is located on the western coast of Sardinia, 45 Km from Alghero and its international airport.
Bosa is a lovely town characterised by majestic bastions overlooking the sea and surrounded by untouched nature: past the marina, you will find a natural oasis that has become a landmark for researches from all around the world.
At Capo Marrangiu, an experiment aimed at protecting the griffon and stimulating its reproduction is underway; this species is in danger of extinction. To be noted is the presence of other very rare predatory birds, such as the Bonelli eagle, the fox and the wild cat.
For this reason, every project related to the expansion of tourism in the Bosa area is considered very carefully. It would take very little to destroy the wilderness of the northern Sardinian coast which links Bosa to the old town of Alghero.
The road follows the coastline from Isola Rossa over a stony bridge, towered over by an old Spanish tower, to a tourist harbour appearing in amidst houses and villas. The scenery is breathtaking, especially the beach of Bosa which is very popular.
On this coast, you'll find sandy beaches spotted with little, roughly-shaped rocks. The natural scenery here is simply unique.