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Cala Gonone
Cala GononeCala Gonone is a wonderful resort of the Mediterranean Sea well-known for its beautiful cave where seals supposedly once lived. However, today the cave is uninhabited and its past is quite mysterious. Along the walls, graffiti tell us about a millenary ceremony, maybe a dance or a celebration in honour of some god. From the entrance the cave, a big room called "Sala Bionda" (Blond room) appears. This name comes from the dismal discovery in 1947 of woman's skeleton. She died 10 years before she was found. Nobody knows who the lady was, how she arrived there or who killed her.
This enigma increases the cave's glamour together with its incredible concretions, little green-emerald coloured pools and pure water which flows silently, playing with reflections and sunbeams.
From the Sala dei Candelabri (Candelabra' room) to the Sala della Torta (Cake's room), there's a flat and circular concretion with a familiar shape, almost human and quite unusual, in an environment that isn't human at all. The southern part, opened to the public 8 years ago, leads you through dark ways and alleys, frozen little lakes and beaches for the seals. That strip of hidden, silent and wonderfully protected land is deserted today. It helps to remind us that sometimes human presence doesn't help nature.