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Central Sardinia
The Barbagia is a glamorous and fascinating land, rich of traditions. Its most important centre is Nuoro and its morphologic symbol is the Gennargentu massif. The name Barbagia derives from “Barbaria" that is the name Romans gave to that territory because of the local population's pride and stubbornness. As a matter of fact the Romans never managed to completely rule the area. The same happened to the Byzantine Empire. The edge of such a resistance to the invaders is the Monte Tiscali, one of the most fascinating places of the Supramonte. In the internal part of it you'll find the remains of an old village built inside a cave. An important advice for tourists is not to penetrate into that area without a local guide. The danger to get lost is very high and you won't find the archaeological and naturalistic sites on your own. Visiting all these places you get the impression that time has stopped. The silence of the mountains and the untouched flora and fauna make unique every excursion in this area. To be noted the different species of rare animals such as moufflons, wild boars, foxes, weasels and eagles. Unfortunately the most interesting archaeological sites are not completely brought out and for that reason they are unknown to the most. The most interesting are the Nuraghe Orolo in Bortigali and the Tombe dei Giganti Madau(Giants' grave) near Fonni. Also the Domus de Janas “Sas Concas" near Oniferi. Between the villages in the Nuoro area, to be noted are Aritzo, Bosa e Macomer, all wonderful destination for a relaxing and unforgettable vacation.