sardinia tourism
chiaChia is situated on the south-western point of Sardinia. The area of Chia distinguishes itself for its interesting combination of nature and archaeology. It includes approximately 9 km of coastline, which extends from the pine forests of Santa Margherita in the north to Capo Spartivento located towards the south. Chia is a seaside town, famous above-all for its beaches and magnificent dunes Ė but thatís not all. The ruins of the city of Bithia are the most important evidence of Phoenician-Punic presence in the area. In the hinterland - one of the most beautiful in Sardinia - one of the islandís largest natural reserves Is Cannoneris extends between mountains and granite rocks. From the headland of the Tower of Chia, over the ponds and ruins of ancient Bithia towards the Capo Spartivento cliff and the Teulada harbour, one can appreciate the splendid beaches of light-coloured sand, the crystal-clear sea, dunes, inlets, small islands and bays. To the north, the hills rise towards the wooded mountains where itís possible to observe the Sardinian deer, fallow deer and wild boar. There, the wooded environment is mostly of holm oak, Mediterranean scrub and arboreal heather.