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Costa Paradiso
This coast's name comes from the marvellous scenery of this central - northern part of the island. There are 8 kilometres of red rocks shaped by the wind and transformed into interesting sculptures that can be seen from the transparent waters of the Sardinian sea, divided by small bays that are surrounded by the green Mediterranean vegetation that reaches the hinterland.
One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is Li Cossi, bordered by rocky walls of yellow-pink granite that overhang and close in around the wide beach of fine, light-coloured sand.
Heading south, under the lee of the Tinnari mountain, you'll come across Tinnari beach, formed by a doubled arch and surrounded by big rocks that look like animal sculptures or strange figures that take on a reddish colour, depending on the direction of sun's rays. The sea-water here is a transparent emerald-green colour and allows one to admire the beauty of the seabed; not only a paradise for snorkelling enthusiasts.
There is a small tourist village called Costa Paradiso situated not very far from Castelsardo and close to the small centres of Costa Tinnari and Isola Rossa. It is a complex of villas or multi-family summer houses with swimming-pools and yards designed to fit in with the natural landscape. The majority of the houses is situated only few meters from the sea. There are a lots of bars, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, health care centres, discos, piano bars and tennis courts. Sporting activities are represented mainly by the aquatic ones: surfing, diving and sailing but tennis and horse riding too.
Costa Paradiso can be reached by taking a ferry that stops at the harbours of Olbia, Golfo Aranci or Porto Torres. From mid-June, there are express ferries that arrive in Sardinia in only a few hours. For those who do not wish to spend a lot of time in voyage, we recommend choosing air travel to Alghero or Olbia.
From the airport, it only takes about 50 minutes by car, along panoramic coastal roads, to reach the marvellous Costa Paradiso and find oneself in a true paradise.