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La Maddalena
la maddalenaThe Archipelago of Maddalena puts up the national Park of the same name, constituted in 1996 for the protection of fauna and flora. To reach the small island of archipelago it is necessary to take a ferry from Palau. La Maddalena is the only island of the archipelago that presents a steady urban settlement. You can admire the sea side with the typical line of XVIII century buildings and the baroque parish of S. Maria Maddalena. There are well maintained steps and narrow alleys that give a unique image to the historic centre. In above the old fort of S. Andrea is visible. In the past it used to be utilized as a prison. Walking through the island you can admire the small beautiful beaches as Monti d'Arena, beach of Bassa Trinità or of the Giardinelli Island.
Leaving the Maddalena and passing through the breakwater of Passo della Moneta that joins the islands you can la maddalenareach the Island of Caprera (l'Isola di Caprera). This island was partially acquired by Giuseppe Garibaldi who has lived there and died in 1882, a hundred years later the natural reserve was established and united to the National Park of Archipelago of Maddalena.
It is possible to visit the habitation of Giuseppe Garibaldi and the cemetery where he has been buried together with his family. There is a bust of the hero in front of the house. A country road leads along the whole pine forest (pineta) and allows to arrive in the centre of the island and reach a see-sight point on the summit of Teialone mountain. You can admire a beautiful panorama from there and see the whole coast from Santa Teresa di Gallura and even the coasts of the nearby Corsica.