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nuoroNuoro is the capital of the third largest province on the island, with an extension of 7044 km. and counting over 43.000 inhabitants. The city can be considered as the cultural centre for whole Sardinia as it gave birth to two significant contemporary authors such as the poet Sebastiano Satta and the Nobel Prize Winner Grazia Deledda. The city originally consisted in two different villages, “Seuna” and “Santu Predu”, which used to be connected by an alley. Today, the historical centre of the town conserves numerous, interesting monuments. Among them we should mention the Santuario of Madonna delle Grazie, dating back to 1670 and recently restored, Grazia Deledda's house-museum, the Museum of Life and Popular Tradition, where a precious collection of old, traditional Sardinian tools is kept and lastly, the Archaeological and Cave Museum. During the summer, precisely in August, a traditional event called Statua del Redentore the "Sagra del Redentore" takes place. During this event it's possible to admire the real colours and sounds of Sardinian culture. The yearly event is a religious celebration that, since 1901, reminds us of the vow made by Leone XIII who placed Jesus'statue on 19 different mountains. The number 19 is linked to the 19 centuries of Christianity. One of these statues was placed on the top of Mount Ortobene. The whole area surrounding Nuoro is wild and untouched, ideal for all nature lovers. As matter of fact, this natural environment offers forests full of holm-oak, strawberry tress, junipers and cork oak. Visitors can also find wild boars, weasels, foxes and martens. Finally, there are also different species of birds such as Sardinian partridges, red woodpeckers, jays, buzzards, sparrow-hawks, eagles and hawks.