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Porto Torres
Porto TorresPorto Torres is a town in the north west of Sardinia. Today, ancient Turris Libysonis still preserves a large part of its ancient Roman structures; aqueducts, sewers, thermal baths, the forum and a few temples are in good condition and the bridge on the Mannu river can still be used.
The Roman antiquities are certainly the city's main attraction, considered a pole of vital importance for Sardinian commerce and industry. The harbour – a modern construction - is quite visible from the Balai Beach, famous because it is home to the San Gavino Basilica, which rises on a cave dedicated to the saint.
Porto Torres is a very interesting city able to capture the attention of its visitors. You will be tempted to embark on a ferry for Asinara – certainly the main excursion in this area.
For the last few years, Asinara has been a natural park but in true fact has always been a prison; activities such as fishing the sea bed being prohibited, today it is one of the richest in the world. This allows divers with oxygen tanks enjoy - here more than in any other place - the fascination of the underwater world.