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San Teodoro
san teodoroS. Teodoro has recently become one of the most popular Sardinian tourist destinations.
Located only 25km from Olbia and within easy reach of the airport and the port, S. Teodoro lies by the sea and boasts 18 beaches and countless bays, some of them reachable on foot only. The most famous one is definitely LA CINTA beach, characterised by fine white sand and very warm water. The beach is well-equipped and particularly fitted for children and the young.
From the beach it is possible to admire S. Teodoro’s lagoon with its thriving vegetation and its rare fauna, including pink flamingos, herons and wild ducks.
S. Teodoro counts other popular beaches such as Cala Brandinchi, from where it is possible to see the beautiful isle of Tavolara and Capo Coda Cavallo, and the so-called Thaiti, particularly renowned for its golden fine sand and for the beautiful pine forest surrounding it.
From Capo Coda Cavallo you can get to the beaches of Lu Impostu and Le Farfalle, both surrounded by florid vegetation.
Another spot worth seeing is Cala Girgolu with its nice bays framed by junipers and rose-coloured granites.
S. Teodoro is the perfect starting point for visiting northern Sardinia; this is also the reason why the area can be visited by up to 100.000 tourists during the summer months.