sardinia tourism
stintinoStintino stems from a settlement of 45 fisherís families, who came from Asinara Island around 1885. Previously, the territory was populated by shepherds who used to live in natural shelters.
Stintino, which became an autonomous municipality only in 1988, is located inside two inlets, both with a small harbour (the old port called "Minori" and a new port called "Mannu").
Stintinoís most famous beach is called "La Pelosa", certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The turquoise water and the fine white sand make "Pelosa" beach more similar to tropical places rather than Mediterranean ones. Apart from the lack of tropical fish, a particular type of vegetation reminds you this is Sardinia and not the Tropics: the Mediterranean underbrush, present even on the beach. There are also other beaches worth visiting: "Saline", "Puzzona" and "Ezzi Mannu".
Stintino offers its visitors several entertainment chances (music concerts, exhibitions, museums, etc.) and sporting activities (sailing, windsurfing, golfing, tennis, hiking, horse riding, etc.).
Among the important annual festivals taking place in Stintino donít miss the "Regata della vela latina" (Latin Sailing Boat Race) taking place in the end of August.
Some of Stintino's most important events have roots in the town cultural tradition: for instance, every May thereís the rural feast of St. Isidore, whereas the Tuna Festival (Sagra del Tonno) takes place in June; finally, two events are scheduled in September: the feast of the Blessed Virgin of Didesa and the feast of St. Nicholas at the end of September.